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How to Apply

Key Freshman Admission Dates

Summer/Fall Enrollment

  • Application Opens
    August 1
  • Early Action Deadline to Apply
    October 15
  • Regular Deadline to Apply
    December 1
  • Early Action Decisions Released
    January 15
  • All Decisions Released
    February 15

Spring Enrollment

  • Deadline to Apply
    October 1
  • Decisions Released
    December 1

Key Transfer Admission Dates

Summer/Fall Enrollment

  • Common App Opens
    September 1
  • Deadline to Apply
    March 1
  • Admission Decisions Released
    June 15

Spring Enrollment

  • ApplyTexas Application Opens
    March 1
  • Deadline to Apply
    September 1
  • Admission Decisions Released

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How can my student apply to UT?

Students can apply to UT Austin using the Common Application or the Apply Texas application.

How much is the application fee? Are there fee waivers?

The fee is $75 for students who are U.S. citizens, residents or are graduating from a Texas high school. The fee is nonrefundable. Students can indicate their eligibility for a fee waiver on their application. They may also request a fee waiver after submitting their application by submitting the Request for Fee Waiver form within MyStatus using the Document Upload System. Students may be required to submit documentation in support of this request.

What is the Early Action deadline?

The Early Action deadline is a deadline for students who want to submit their application early and receive priority by our admissions team. If students submit their application by the Early Action deadline and are accepted, they do not have to attend UT. This is a non-binding decision.

When is the Early Action deadline?

The Early Action application deadline is November 1. Any remaining application materials must be received by November 9.

How do students indicate they are applying for the Early Action deadline?

  • On the Common Application, they should select the ‘Early Action’ plan and submit their application by October 15.
  • On the ApplyTexas application, they will select the ‘Priority Deadline’ plan and submit it by October 15.
  • All remaining required and optional credentials must be received by November 9. We will then use the date that their application is complete to determine if they meet the Early Action deadline.

When is the regular decision deadline?

The regular decision deadline is December 1. All remaining application materials must be received by December 9.

When will students receive a decision?

If they complete their application by the Early Action deadline (October 15), they will receive an admission notification by January 15. This notification may be a final admission decision or a decision deferral to February 15.

If they complete their application by the regular deadline (December 1), they will be notified of a decision no later than February 15. Some decisions are made and delivered earlier than the published decision dates.

What happens after students apply?

We conduct an individualized holistic review of each applicant, and this takes some time to complete. We recognize that students would like to receive a decision on their application as soon as possible, and we appreciate their patience. Please know that our timeline is designed to ensure careful consideration of each applicant.

What resources are available for major exploration?

We recommend students review the entire list of options on before they decide on their major.

Keep in mind, students may not receive their first-choice major, so it is a good idea to go over a few options for them to decide on. You can also suggest looking at MyMajors for more information.

What kinds of scholarships are available for students?

Our Office of Financial Aid offers scholarships based on information from the FAFSA. The FAFSA will also help determine if a student qualifies for the Texas Advance Commitment. There is no separate scholarship application for these awards.

For scholarships outside of the Office of Financial Aid, we recommend checking out the resources on our scholarship page. You can also contact us or Texas OneStop for assistance.

How do students apply for scholarships?

So long as your student completed the FASFA/TASFA, they will be in the running for awards offered by the Office of Financial Aid, including the Texas Advance Commitment. No separate application is needed for these awards. However, if students wish to apply to scholarships outside of the Office of Financial Aid, including scholarships from the Texas Exes, they should apply to these scholarships.

How can students check on their application status?

Students can use MyStatus to view the most up to date information on their application status.