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UT Tyler has campuses in Tyler, Longview and Palestine, Texas, with signature academic areas in medicine, teaching, research, artistic performance and community service. A young campus, UT Tyler offers modern buildings and state-of-the-art tools and technology to its nearly 10,000 students.

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Curriculum Requirements

Students who attend UT Tyler to fulfill their CAP requirements for transfer to UT Austin will have the option to begin taking courses during the summer immediately after high school graduation (Summer Start); or students may begin courses during the traditional fall semester (Fall Start and includes Wintermester).

UT Tyler 2024-2025 CAP Course List

Summer Start: must take 6 hours

  • Students will enroll in a minimum of six credit hours (1-2 courses) during the summer.
  • Online courses are available for summer only.

Fall Start: must take 9 hours

  • Students will enroll in a minimum of nine credit hours and a maximum of 11 credit hours if necessary (3-5 courses).
  • Includes mini-term and winter semester

Spring: take 15 hours

  • Students should enroll in 15 credit hours unless they will meet with 30 credit hour requirement with fewer hour (4-5 courses).


If you attend UT Tyler as a CAP student, you are not eligible to be considered for scholarships.


Students who have completed fewer than 60 credit hours at any junior college or university are required to live on campus at UT Tyler. This requirement will be waived only for Summer 2024, and only for students enrolled entirely in online classes. Contact the UT Tyler Residence Life Office at call the office at 903-566-7008 or email housing@uttyler.edu for more information.

UT Tyler Housing


CAP students are required to meet TSI requirements in order to register at any state, public institution. If you are TSI exempt based on ACT, SAT, STARR, AP test scores, completed college coursework or other qualifying exemption, you must provide official proof to UT Tyler. If you are deficient in any area of TSI, you will be required to enroll in developmental coursework in the area of deficiency during your freshman year at UT Tyler. Developmental courses will not count toward the 30 credit hours that are required to successfully complete CAP.

Academic Advising

Selecting UT Tyler

  1. Complete CAP agreement by May 1 and receive myUTTyler ID

    After you submit your CAP agreement, you’ll receive an email from UT Tyler with your UT Tyler student identification number or myUTTyler ID. UT Tyler will use the email you entered on your ApplyTexas or CommonApp application to send this information. Please allow 5-7 business days from the date you submit your CAP agreement to UT Austin to receive your myUTTyler ID.

  2. Receive myUTTyler ID and pay application processing fee by May 5

    If you select UT Tyler when completing your online CAP agreement, you’ll be required to pay a $60 application processing fee to UT Tyler by May 5. Your myUTTyler ID will provide you access to your account and Patriot email account where you can pay the application processing fee. UT Tyler will accept the application fee payment through the close of business (5 p.m.) on May 5.

UT Tyler CAP Contacts


Katie Ramirez

Academic Advising

Ashley Bill