Transitioning to UT Austin

Your process of transitioning from the UT System university you’re currently attending is a lot like that of a transfer student — minus the stress of applying! Here are a few things you want to start thinking about during the final semester of your CAP year.

Key Dates

  • Major Choice
  • FAFSA Opens for Financial Aid at UT Austin
    December 1
  • Deadline to Submit Credentials for a Non-Liberal Arts Major
    March 1
  • Deadline to Send Final, Official Transcript
    June 1
  • Admission Decision
    Mid to Late June
  • Apply for Housing and Attend Orientation
    Summer (Before Sophomore Year)

Transition Checklist

  1. Select Your Major

    Toward the end of the fall semester of your freshman year, we’ll ask you to do two things:

    • Review and update your contact information.
    • Tell us which major you’d like at UT Austin. You can select majors in Liberal Arts or any other college except for the School of Architecture. If you select a Liberal Arts major, no additional credentials will be required. All participants who successfully complete the program are guaranteed admission to the College of Liberal Arts. However, specific majors within that college are not guaranteed.
  2. Submit the FAFSA

    Apply for financial aid as soon as possible after January 1. You may also want to consider applying for scholarships. If you submitted the Free Application for Federal Student Aid (FAFSA) for freshman-year aid, you may apply for financial aid for your sophomore year using the Renewal FAFSA. If you did not submit a FAFSA for your freshman year and you wish to apply for aid for your sophomore year, you should complete the regular FAFSA.

    You should list UT Austin and the current UT System school you are attending as schools to receive your FAFSA information.


  3. Submit Credentials for a Non-Liberal Arts Major Choice by March 1

    If you’d like to compete for admission to a major in a college other than Liberal Arts, you’ll have to submit additional items by March 1.

  4. Send Final, Official Transcript by June 1

    CAP students submit the final transcript by June 1st, after spring grades have been posted so that we can verify the terms of the CAP agreement were completed successfully.

    Please check with your CAP school advisor to find out if you need to order your own transcript or if the school will send it for you. It is ultimately your responsibility to ensure we receive the final transcript by June 1st. Your MyStatus page will update once the transcript is received and processed.

    If you completed dual credit during high school, those transcripts to us by the June 1st deadline as well. Dual credit coursework must be shown on the original college transcript that issued the credit.

    Transcript Info

Admission Decisions

Once we receive your official transcript and verify that you completed the CAP requirements, we’ll notify you of your admission decision in MyStatus and by mail. If you request admission to a non-Liberal Arts major, it may be several weeks before we make a decision about the major to which you’ll be admitted.

Next Steps

Along with your admission decision, we’ll deliver information about other steps you may need to take to complete your transition to UT Austin. Information about orientation, housing and financial aid, for example, will be available to you, just as it is to all non-CAP transfer students.


You must be admitted to the University in order to receive a housing contract. To apply for on- campus housing, access the online housing application.

  • If you applied to live on campus when you applied for freshman admission to UT Austin, you will not have to pay the $50 housing application fee when you complete the housing application, but you must complete the application.
  • If this is the first time you are applying to live on campus at UT Austin, you will have to pay the $50 application fee when you apply.
  • Completing the housing application does not guarantee on-campus housing. Contracts for transfer and upper-division students are offered based on available space. First-time incoming freshmen are given priority for housing. If you are offered a housing contract, sign it and return it with the $300 advance payment to University Housing and Dining by the contract expiration date.

Housing Application University Housing and Dining


After you receive your official admission letter from UT Austin, you’ll be able to register for Transfer Orientation.

Transfer Orientation