Coordinated Admissions Program (CAP) FAQs

Do I have to apply to the CAP school I select?

No, you do not. If you complete and submit the online CAP agreement, we will send your application materials to the UT System school you select.

Why wasn’t I offered admission to certain schools?

All participating UT System schools have established minimum enrollment requirements for CAP students. Students are offered the opportunity to participate in CAP only at the universities for which they meet enrollment requirements.


Can I put UT Arlington or UTSA back on my list if they were there originally?

No. UT Arlington and UTSA have limited the number of students they will enroll in CAP and accepted agreements from eligible students on a first-come, first-served basis. Once they received enough agreements to reach their limits, the CAP agreement was closed for UT Arlington and UTSA. If you are interested in attending UT Arlington or UTSA as a non-CAP student, contact the school directly.

Can any student attending a UT System school participate in CAP?

No. To participate in CAP, you must have applied to UT Austin, been offered participation in CAP and returned the online CAP agreement by the deadline.

Is accepting my CAP offer binding?

No, accepting your CAP offer is not binding.

Participating Universities

Is it too late to get housing or financial aid?

The participating UT System schools have made a commitment to provide available housing and financial aid for which CAP participants qualify. It’s easy to transfer your financial aid (FAFSA) information to your UT System school. To apply for scholarships or on-campus housing at a UT System school, contact the school.

May I transfer schools while I'm in CAP?

No, once you enroll at the UT System school you wish to attend during your freshman year, you must complete all your CAP requirements at that institution.

Completing CAP Requirements

How long do I have to complete the requirements?

You have until June 1 (at the end of your freshman year) to provide UT Austin with an official transcript that shows that you completed the following at your selected UT System school:

  1. A math course beyond College Algebra.
  2. Earned a minimum of 30 credit hours with a minimum cumulative 3.2 GPA.

What happens if I don't complete the requirements by June 1?

If you do not complete the requirements by June 1, you will no longer have guaranteed admission to UT Austin.

Will I have to submit another application to get into UT Austin?

No, you will not need to submit a transfer application to UT Austin. If you meet the requirements and take advantage of your guaranteed admission to UT Austin, you will not have to submit a transfer application or pay an application fee. During the fall of your freshman year, we’ll send you information about the process you must follow to let us know that you intend to enroll at UT Austin.

When will I select a major for my studies at UT Austin?

During the fall of your freshman year, UT Austin will contact you and ask you to complete a process to let us know that you are still interested in taking advantage of your guaranteed admission to UT Austin. As part of that process, you will be asked to tell us about your major choice.

Can I select a different major than the ones guaranteed for CAP students?

While enrolled in your freshman year at your participating UT System school, we will contact you and ask you to complete an online process to indicate your desire to return to UT Austin to complete your studies. At that time, you will be asked to indicate to us the major you’d like when you enroll at UT Austin (admission to specific Liberal Arts majors is not guaranteed).

If you request a major outside those guaranteed in the College of Liberal Arts, you’ll need to submit additional items to UT Austin by March 1. These include one essay, a resume, official transcripts of any college work you’ve completed and any additional items required by the major you selected. If you select a major other than the ones guaranteed to CAP students as your first choice, you will compete with other transfer applicants for admission to that major. If you aren’t admitted to that major (and meet program requirements), you will still be admitted to a guaranteed major in Liberal Arts. Keep in mind, Architecture majors are not available to CAP students for competitive transfer.


Coursework and Credit

What is “transferable credit”?

Transferable credit refers to the credit hours someone takes at one university that can be transferred to another university. In connection to CAP, the courses you take at the UT System school you attend while enrolled in CAP are “transferable” because you will be able to use them as credit at The University of Texas at Austin if you eventually enroll here. For an individual course to be “transferable,” you must receive at least a grade of C or a “passing” grade on coursework offered on a “Pass/Fail” grading basis.

Which courses are transferable?

UT Austin maintains an online list of approved courses for CAP students. If you successfully fulfill your CAP requirements, the courses that you select from the list will transfer to UT Austin. You should always consult with an academic advisor at your participating CAP university before making a final decision about which courses to take.


Does placement credit, summer or Maymester credit count?

No. You must take at least 30 hours of required transferable coursework while you are enrolled at your selected UT System school in the fall and spring — with the exception of UTA, UTSA and UTRGV whose program begins in the summer. UT Austin requires you to take all of your required CAP coursework while you are enrolled for the fall and spring semesters at your selected UT System school (except UTA, UTSA and UTRGV). Courses taken during a “mini-mester” or “Maymester” at your UT System school will not count toward the 30-hour requirement.

When you enroll in UT Austin during the fall semester following your CAP year, any placement credit that you have earned (from Advanced Placement, International Baccalaureate, or dual credit courses in high school, for example) will be evaluated for credit beyond your 30 hours and accepted according to UT Austin’s standard policies. If you have additional coursework that you think is transferable when you enroll at UT Austin, the University will consider those courses for transfer credit.

May I take summer courses before or after my freshman year?

Taking courses from the prescribed list to satisfy your CAP requirements is a must. You should take no college coursework the summer before you begin your CAP participation (except if you are attending UTA, UTSA or UTRGV). Doing so might interfere with your ability to enroll in appropriate CAP coursework during your freshman year. However, you may plan to take courses in the summer following completion of your CAP coursework (the summer between your freshman and sophomore years).