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Coordinated Admission Program

The University of Texas System developed the Coordinated Admission Program (CAP) to expand the admission options available to students interested in enrolling at The University of Texas at Austin, the system’s flagship university.

In general, CAP makes it possible for some freshman applicants to UT Austin to begin their studies at another UT System university. After completing CAP requirements during their freshman year, students transfer to UT Austin to complete their undergraduate studies.

If you are offered and decide to participate in CAP, you don’t have to apply for admission to the UT System university you attend during your freshman year. Simply complete the CAP agreement to let us know that you want to participate. You’re guaranteed admission to most majors in UT Austin’s College of Liberal Arts upon successful completion of the program (although admission to specific Liberal Arts majors are not guaranteed). And just like any other prospective transfer student, you’ll be able to compete for admission to majors in colleges outside of Liberal Arts.

Another Benefit

As a CAP student, you’ll select from courses that have been approved for transfer to UT Austin. That means that if you complete the program successfully, you’ll return to UT Austin with at least 30 hours of transferable coursework.