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Admissions Counselors are available and welcome the opportunity to assist you! Contact a counselor today or attend one of our upcoming virtual events.

Admissions Counselors

To speak to an admissions counselor, use our “Counselor Finder” tool to identify the admissions professional who serves students in your area. Our admissions counselors are also available for virtual appointments. Sign up for a virtual appointment or check below for limited availability at our centers for in-person appointments. 


Office of Admissions


Admissions Counselors are available via phone between 8:30 a.m. and 4 p.m. CT Monday through Friday at 512-475-7399.

You can also connect with counselors from our admissions centers or use the Counselor Finder tool to connect directly with the Admissions Counselor who works with your school.

Admissions Welcome Center

Email: welcomecenter@austin.utexas.edu 
Call: 512-475-7399 
Visit: One-on-One In-Person Appointments

Dallas Admissions Center

Email: dac@austin.utexas.edu
Call: 512-232-6769 
Visit: One-on-One In-Person Appointments

Houston Admissions Center

Email: hac@austin.utexas.edu
Call: 713-871-2386 
Visit: In-person appointments will return soon; please schedule a virtual one-on-one appointment.

Valley Admissions Center

Email: vac@austin.utexas.edu
Call: 956-752-3950 
Visit: One-on-One In-Person Appointments

Graduate and International Admissions Center


Counselor Finder

Pro tip: Use slashes "/" to include city and state to narrow your search
(school name/city/state-abbreviation).