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Common Transfer Credit Issues

Review the information below to avoid some of the more typical pitfalls in taking courses at other institutions.


Courses offered to satisfy the legislative requirement are organized differently throughout Texas, and combining credit from different institutions may not completely fulfill the requirement.

Core Curriculum

Applicability of transfer credit toward core requirements depends on the transfer evaluation and—for coursework from other Texas public colleges or universities—a course’s core status at the original institution.


Instructional patterns vary among institutions and may not directly equate with UT sequences on a course-for-course basis.

Introductory Biology

Beginning major-track courses at other institutions are not always comparable to UT’s introductory sequence.

Computer Science & Management Information Systems

CS and MIS are distinct curricula at UT, but often overlap or are combined at other institutions.

MIS 310

The computer applications course required for Business.

Credit by Examination

Placement credit earned at another institution may transfer depending on how it is transcripted.

Workforce Credit

Vocational/technical coursework from community colleges generally does not transfer.

Military Training & Experience

Armed services educational activities may yield limited UT transfer credit.