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Automated Transfer Equivalency System

The Automated Transfer Equivalency (ATE) system is a searchable transfer credit database for more than 320,000 courses at Texas colleges and universities.

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The ATE system provides UT Austin transfer credit evaluations for courses commonly transferred from Texas colleges and universities.

Both current and discontinued courses at other institutions are listed. You should consult the sending institution's catalog or schedule to identify courses currently available.

The course evaluation found here is exactly the credit you will be awarded, because transfer credit is posted to UT student records via the ATE system.

See the notes page to interpret transfer credit evaluations.

Using the ATE System

  • The ATE inventory is historically cumulative, with courses from the 1970s to present. Consult the sending institution's catalog or course schedule to determine current offerings.
  • The ATE system does not certify degree applicability of transfer credit. Consult your UT degree advisor to determine how transfer credit counts toward requirements or use the Interactive Degree Audit (IDA) “Planner” option to estimate transfer credit applicability.
  • The ATE inventory does not list courses from out-of-state institutions; new, recently-changed, or infrequently transferred courses at Texas institutions may not yet be listed. Current and former UT Austin students may request advance transfer credit evaluations for unlisted out-of-state courses by filling out and submitting an Evaluation of Courses Form.

Transferring coursework

  • Courses in which grades lower than C− are earned do not transfer. Grades from transfer credit are excluded from a student's internal UT Austin GPA computation.
  • Some UT Austin programs limit transfer credit in the major. All programs require completion of at least 60 semester hours in residence at UT.
  • UT Austin students concurrently enrolled at another institution must have prior approval from their UT academic dean's office to count such transfer credit toward a degree.
  • Students can petition for re-evaluation of out-of-state transfer credit by filling out and submitting an Evaluation of Courses Form.
  • Students transferring UT Austin courses elsewhere should consult the receiving institution to determine how credit is accepted. UT's evaluation of incoming transfer credit does not imply other institutions reciprocate our assessment.

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