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UTeach Access

The Microsoft Sponsored UTeach Access program offers alternate entrance to The University of Texas at Austin to students interested in pursuing a bachelor’s of science degree in biology, chemistry, mathematics, or physics, as well as earning their middle or high school teaching certification.

During their time at the University of Texas, UTeach Access Natural Sciences students have opportunities to serve schools in Austin and across the state by teaching and tutoring the next generation of STEM learners. UTeach Access also offers a supportive and caring community of smaller class sizes that allow for building genuine relationships with faculty, staff, and classmates that can sometimes be difficult to find on such a large campus like ours. With exclusive internships, scholarships and professional skills gained beginning in Step 1 (UTS 101), UTeach Access students will be prepared to change the world by the time they graduate.

UTeach Access students begin their college experience co-enrolled taking courses at both The University of Texas at Austin (UT) and nearby at Austin Community College (ACC) Rio Grande Campus. Students have all the benefits of being a Longhorn including access to housing, libraries and NCAA sporting events, and additionally receive tailored support: Including dedicated advising, direct support from UTeach faculty and staff, and regular cohort meetings.

Upon completion of the UTeach Access program, students continue their undergraduate studies at UT Austin full-time, on track for graduation and are automatically admissible to the College of Natural Sciences UTeach Program.
If you received an admissions offer to join the UTeach Access program and have questions, please make an appointment to speak with our advisors or program leader.

To accept the UTeach Access offer and co-enroll:

  • Complete the steps in the freshman After-Admission Checklist.
  • During UT Freshman Orientation, you will participate in both UT and CNS events as well as meet with a UTeach Access advisor, meet faculty from your major, register for classes and tour ACC’s Rio Grande Campus.

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UTeach Access Eligibility

A student at this time cannot apply to participate in UTeach Access. Rather, admission to the program is offered to a select number of students who apply for freshman admission to the College of Natural Science and indicate an interest in pursuing secondary teaching certification in their content area.

The Office of Admissions applies the same holistic review process it uses to evaluate all applications to determine who receives a UTeach Access offer.

All students offered UTeach Access have the option to participate instead in the Coordinated Admission Program (CAP). Choose the program that’s right for you.

Coordinated Admission Program (CAP)

In accepting the UTeach Access offer, you cancel your CAP option and vice versa. If you accept UTeach Access but later decide not to participate in the program, you may not participate in CAP but must apply for transfer admission if you wish to attend the university.

UTeach Access Requirements

Over the first three to four long semesters, students enrolled in UTeach Access take seven to twelve transferable hours of coursework at Austin Community College (ACC) – Rio Grande, plus three to nine hours at UT Austin from the prescribed degree plans for your area of study. Students register for courses with the help of dedicated academic advisors on each campus, ensuring they meet program requirements.

Program Completion

UTeach Access students have 3 to 4 long semesters (based on your degree plan) to complete the prescribed coursework at ACC and at UT Austin.

By the end of the fall/spring semester prior to transition, students must achieve a cumulative 2.75 grade-point average (GPA) in courses undertaken at UT Austin and a cumulative 3.00 GPA in courses undertaken at ACC in order to qualify for admission to their majors in the College of Natural Sciences.

Complete terms and conditions are defined in the UTeach Access contract, accessible in MyStatus to those offered admission to the program.

If you received an admissions offer to join the UTeach Access program and have questions, please make an appointment to speak with our advisors or program leader.

UTeach Access FAQ’s