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SHARE Your UT Experience

Students Helping Admissions’ Recruitment Effort (SHARE) is an extension of the Undergraduate Admissions Center. Since 1978 SHARE students have been helping to keep prospective UT Austin students informed.

Through SHARE current UT Austin students have the opportunity to work beside admissions counselors and other Office of Admissions staff, both one-on-one and in group settings.

  • Some SHARE students work part time in paid positions in the Office of Admissions.
  • Other SHARE students volunteer their time – some only once, others several times during their time on campus.

But whether they’re paid for their time or they volunteer, one thing is certain: All SHARE students provide valuable one-on-one contact with high school students as they make decisions about going to college in general and about UT Austin in particular.

Things SHARE Students Do

Here are some of the things that SHARE students do to help:

  • Conduct campus tours and take part in student panels during prospective student sessions and events.
  • Communicate with prospective students by phone, by e-mail, and in online chat events.
  • Act as pre-enrollment peer advisers by talking with interested students to relieve their apprehension about college life and describing the University as they see it.
  • Help prospective students to understand the challenges a college education demands.

SHARE students also participate in regularly scheduled Office of Admissions activities and events.

Admissions Activities SHARE Students Participate In

Texas Previews

Prospective students and their parents can learn more about UT during this interactive Saturday seminar. Participants will have the opportunity to interact with current UT students, faculty, and staff. Volunteers are needed to help facilitate this event.

Longhorn for a Day

Top 10% high school seniors from cities throughout the state are invited to visit the UT campus and take part in a full day of activities. Volunteers are needed to serve as peer mentors and give guided tours of campus.

Project Hook-up

Current UT students call prospective students throughout the United States to answer questions about the admissions process and student life at the University.

Hometown Recruitment

Hometown Recruitment is an opportunity for current UT students to return to their high school or hometowns to speak with interested students and relate their experiences at the University of Texas at Austin. Volunteers are provided with information on admission requirements, financial aid, housing, placement testing, and student services.

High school visits and participation at events and receptions in cities outside of Austin are ways you’ll be able to spread your Longhorn knowledge and spirit. Out of state SHARE volunteers are highly encouraged to visit their high schools on any trips home to share information about UT, admissions, and life in Austin.

Bevo Buddies

Would you like to connect with a prospective or newly admitted student by email? You can be a virtual friend to a future Longhorn by sharing your university experiences through emails, answering questions about UT and campus, and providing the insight and current student perspective that prospective students want.

Online Chats

Current UT students chat with prospective and newly admitted Longhorn students throughout the United States to answer questions about the admissions process and to share information about campus life and what the university has to offer.

UT Scholars

High school seniors who have been offered admission to UT are invited to an overnight stay and a full day of activities on campus. Prospective students will have the opportunity to interact with current UT students, faculty, and staff. Volunteers are needed for every aspect of this visit.

Objectives & Goals

SHARE students work with professionals in the Office of Admissions and other student services and academic departments on campus. During all activities, SHARE students represent the university by working toward the following objectives and goals:

  • To enhance the University’s quest for excellence by attracting the best students in the state.
  • To increase the number of qualified students enrolling in and graduating from UT Austin.
  • To maintain the University’s public service responsibility of accessibility to all qualified state residents.
  • To provide prospective students with honest information regarding student life at UT Austin.
  • To provide information about admission, financial aid, housing, testing, and student services available at UT.
  • To refer prospects to appropriate administrative, college, or departmental offices when appropriate.
  • To project a positive image of UT by observing appropriate personal decorum during all contact with prospective students, their families, and high school officials.