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Honors Programs

The University of Texas at Austin offers a wide variety of opportunities for students to pursue a rigorous, research-oriented undergraduate curriculum. But if you’re looking for more than the usual challenge, apply to an honors program.

Honors classes introduce students to advanced scholarship while the programs offer individualized advising, exposure to a community of thought leaders and the opportunity to interact with professors and professionals driving innovation in the field.

Business Honors Program

Modeled after case-based MBA programs, the Business Honors Program’s small classes focus on discussion and presentation, group collaboration and analytic exercises—all in the interest of challenging business students to think outside the box.

Note: In order to be considered for Business Honors, you must apply for fall admission. Spring and summer applicants are not eligible. 

Natural Sciences Honors Programs

The College of Natural Sciences’ honors programs offer a range of opportunities for laboratory and field research placements, interdisciplinary study and personalized academic support.

College Honors programs include:

Specialty Honors programs include:

Other Programs

Other honors programs, including Plan IILiberal Arts Honors and the Engineering Honors Program, do not accept applications from transfer students. To learn more about opportunities to participate in honors programs and societies beyond the fields of business and natural sciences, visit the University Honors Center.