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Exes for Texas

The best representative of The University of Texas at Austin is a satisfied graduate.

That’s why the Undergraduate Admissions Center and the Ex-Students’ Association are pleased to offer UT Austin alumni the opportunity to be part of Exes for Texas (Ex4Tx), a program that connects Texas Exes with prospective/admitted students.

As an Ex4Tx volunteer, you will:

  • Share your unique perspective and personal experiences about being a Longhorn with prospective students and parents; and
  • Provide high school students with one-on-one contact throughout the college decision-making process.

Level of Involvement

As an Ex4Tx volunteer, you’ll participate in as many—or as few—programs as your interests and schedule allow. All volunteers are an invaluable link in the admissions process. But we understand that the most effective volunteers are those who don’t feel obligated to do more than they are able.

We place no minimum on the extent of a volunteer’s involvement. You’ll have real impact on prospective students only as long as your sincerity and enthusiasm are alive. We want you to have fun—for as many years as you’d like to volunteer!

Admissions Activities

Here are some of the Freshman Admissions activities that Ex4Tx volunteers participate in.

Ex4Tx Volunteer Opportunities

Longhorn Connections

Longhorn Connections focuses on personal contact.

Many other universities work to recruit the same high-ability students as the University of Texas at Austin. Personal contact by alumni helps to strengthen our image and public perception. As an Ex4Tx volunteer, you’ll call or write to prospective students to provide answers to questions and to encourage their interest in the University. Many prospective students feel much more comfortable sharing their questions and concerns with someone who has been in their shoes; they often appreciate that an alumnus/a has taken the time to call.

Ex4Tx supplies all volunteers with a copy of the Volunteer Guide to help prepare them to respond to student questions.

Longhorn Connections takes place during the spring semester.

College Fairs

During the fall and early spring, high schools host college fairs to give students information about different colleges and universities.

As an Ex4Tx volunteer, you’ll be able to attend college fairs at your local high schools—sometimes to assist admissions personnel in answering questions and sometimes to serve as the sole UT representative in the absence of a staff member from the Office of Admissions. During the programs, you’ll visit with prospective students and parents to inform them about opportunities available at UT Austin and to speak with them about your experiences at the University.

College fair opportunities are primarily available to out-of-state volunteers, as staff members are generally not able to attend. However, in-state volunteers who are interested in attending college fairs may still indicate their interest on the registration form in case an opportunity arises.

Student Receptions

During the fall and spring semesters, UT Admissions Centers host events to expose high school students to the University of Texas at Austin. Fall receptions give prospective students a first look at the University. In the spring, the Office of Admissions hosts “Welcome to Texas” events to meet and greet admitted students, impart financial aid information, and answer any remaining questions students or parents might have about UT Austin.

Various UT Austin representatives attend these events to provide information about the campus. As an Ex4Tx volunteer, you’ll be able to assist with receptions in a variety of ways. You might volunteer for a Q&A panel, speak at the event, or socialize with admitted or prospective students from your local area.

Receptions are generally held in-state and in select U.S. cities. Out-of-state volunteers who are interested in attending receptions may still indicate their interest on the registration form in case a reception is held in their area.

Willing Contact

Sometimes the Undergraduate Admissions Center makes contact with high school students who want to speak directly with a Texas Ex. They’re usually looking for someone who is willing to answer questions or share his or her personal UT experience. The Texas Exes that we put such students in touch with are called “Willing Contacts.”

Some prospective students like to initiate contact, while others prefer to have the Texas Ex get in touch with them. Either way, if you volunteer to be a willing contact, we will always give you advance notice when we share your information with a prospective student.

Longhorns Lend a Hand

The University of Texas declares “What Starts Here Changes the World.” Longhorns Lend a Hand is a community service day that demonstrates this mission by bringing former and future Longhorns together to make a difference in their communities. Service projects (TBD) will vary by community and by year.

Longhorns Lend a Hand is the newest volunteer opportunity available to Exes for Texas. As such, it is currently only available to alumni in select cities. However, all alumni volunteers are encouraged to indicate their interest in this activity so that they can be included as the event expands to other regions.


Beginning in 1987, Ex4Tx has taken on the responsibility of administering activities that were initially conducted by local Texas Exes chapters and by alumni acting alone.

Since its inception, Ex4Tx volunteers have reached hundreds of students, both in Texas and out of state. Ex4Tx volunteers often serve as ambassadors for the University and have participated in college fairs in states from California to Massachusetts and as far away as Germany.

Goals & Objectives

Ex4Tx volunteers support the ongoing efforts of the Undergraduate Admissions Center to attract top students to the University. Volunteers enhance the University’s ability to maintain personal contact with students and their parents. Doing so contributes to the University’s image and promotes public awareness of UT Austin as a top-quality institution that provides the best educational value for the student’s dollar.

Specific recruitment goals of the Exes for Texas program vary from year to year, based on the previous year’s successes and the changing growth needs of the University. However, the major objectives of Ex4Tx remain constant and include:

  • To increase general awareness of the University as a top-quality institution that deserves the support of the general public and serious consideration from any prospective college student.
  • To make information about the University more readily available so all prospective students and their parents can make their decisions based on fact.
  • To provide prospective students with an ex-student’s personal perspective of the University.
  • To increase the number of alumni involved in the Ex4Tx program in order to make it more successful and to provide a rewarding, “continuing connection” with the University for interested alumni.
  • To increase the number of nationally recognized scholars and other similarly qualified students recruited to and enrolled at the University, as they have already demonstrated their scholastic potential.
  • To increase the number of high-ability students from traditionally underrepresented schools recruited to and enrolled at the University.
  • To utilize alumni assistance in the ongoing recruitment efforts of the Undergraduate Admissions Center.

Ready to Get Involved?

If you are an alumnus/alumna of the University and would like to be an Exes for Texas volunteer, you may use this online registration form.