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Longhorn Readiness

As an admitted student, you have access to tools and resources to help get you Longhorn ready. Whether it’s by making friends or making sure you’re ready for your first math class, we want you to be prepared when you arrive on campus at The University of Texas at Austin.

Here are some things to think about as you take steps to get Longhorn ready.

Completing Assessments

Depending on your major and the classes you need to complete your degree, you may need to take an assessment designed to help us find the best classes for you. But don’t stress! Your advisor will help you figure out your class options—no matter what.

Math Assessment

You’ll receive information from your admitting college about math readiness after May 1st; action is not required until that time. In the meantime, here is an overview of the math readiness process. If you are required or planning to take Precalculus (M305G) or Calculus I (M408C/K/N/R), you must complete the UT Math Assessment, offered online before you come to Orientation. In order to prepare, you will purchase a Math Readiness Package that will provide you access to complete the online Quest Warm-Up Assessment and Learning Modules.

The College of Natural Sciences, which oversees the assessment process for students in all colleges and schools, offers additional information about registration and required scores.

If you have further questions, please email readiness@cns.utexas.edu or call (512) 471-3796.

Chemistry Assessment

Students planning to enroll in Principles of Chemistry (CH301) must complete the ALEKS Chemistry Assessment online. If you are unsure whether you will take CH301, wait until after you meet with your advisor at orientation before taking ALEKS Chemistry.

Find out more about registration and required scores.

Earning Credit by Exam

Credit by exam is recommended for students who have considerable skill in certain academic areas who wish to satisfy degree or other requirements with testing. For example, students who wish to begin studying a foreign language at a level beyond the entry-level course may need to take a placement test and earn credit by exam in order to do so.

Incoming students are encouraged to earn credit by exam by taking placement and exemption tests (especially for foreign languages) prior to or during orientation, if possible. Register for tests after you register for orientation, or contact Student Testing Services for more information.

Claiming Credit

Student Testing Services offers information about claiming college credit—either earned by exam or based on Advanced Placement examinations, International Baccalaureate (IB) coursework or some other achievement. Take some time during orientation to talk with an academic advisor who can help you make the best decision about if and when to claim credit.

TSI testing

You can check your TSI status on your Registration Information Sheet (RIS). If you are exempt it will say "Exempt" or "Complete" on your RIS and there is no further action needed from you. If not, you will need to provide documentation of your exemption or present passing scores from the TSI Assessment before you can register for courses. For more information, email the TSI Office at tsi@austin.utexas.edu.

Spatial Visualization Assessment

All incoming engineering students are required to take a free, online Spatial Visualization Assessment prior to orientation. For more information, visit this website.