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With nearly 35,000 students enrolled in more than 165 undergraduate and graduate degree programs, The University of Texas at San Antonio (UTSA) is an institution on the rise with great momentum and committed to student success and research excellence.

At the University of Texas at San Antonio, we create bold futures by putting students first and cultivating an environment focused on their success. UTSA is the largest university in San Antonio and the city’s only Tier One institution. It also is one of only 21 Hispanic Serving Institutions in the nation to hold a prestigious R1 classification for research excellence. UTSA offers more than 170 undergraduate and graduate degree programs—including several fully online—with signature areas in health, energy, security, sustainability, and human and social development. Here are some details you may want to know about CAP to UT San Antonio:

Start Dates: Students who select UTSA to spend their first year will be required to begin classes in the second summer 5-week term. This means your first CAP term for UTSA will start Summer 2023.

Enrollment Requirements: CAP students at UTSA will have the following enrollment requirements: Summer semester: students will take 6 hours (2 courses) this term. Online courses will be an option for summer. Fall semester: students will take 9 hours (3 courses) this term, but may take a maximum of 11 hours. Spring semester: students will take a minimum of 15 hours this term (5 courses).

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If you attend UTSA through CAP, you are not eligible to be considered for the Distinguished Presidential Scholarship. You may be eligible to receive General Scholarships. Find out more under How to Apply.  The deadline to apply for academic and need-based general scholarships is January 15, so CAP students who did not apply directly to UTSA by that deadline will be ineligible. UTSA colleges and departments, however, administer their own scholarship programs and therefore have separate applications with varying deadlines. Check with the college or department to determine which scholarships you may be eligible for and to obtain an application.

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CAP students are required to meet TSI requirements in order to register at any state, public institution. Rowdy Ready will state: “complete”, on all sections regarding TSI if your TSI testing obligations are met. If all TSI sections are not listed as met either more records are needed or retesting is required to attempt to meet these sections.  For more information on general TSI information go to:

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UTSA Academic Advising

UTSA Academic Advising provides academic support for UTSA students participating in CAP. 

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Application processing fee

If you select UT San Antonio when completing your online CAP agreement, you’ll be required to pay a $70 application processing fee to UTSA by May 1.

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Visiting UT San Antonio

Learn more about visiting campus at the UTSA Welcome Center. If you are unable to make it to campus, be sure to check out the virtual tour!