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Once you begin your freshman year, the UT System school you’re attending will let UT Austin know you’ve enrolled. During your freshman year, we’ll contact you three times.

Late Fall: Initial Contact

Toward the end of the fall semester of your freshman year, we’ll contact you to ask you to do two things:

If you select a Liberal Arts major, no additional credentials will be required. All participants who successfully complete the program are guaranteed admission to Liberal Arts. However, specific majors within that college are not guaranteed. If you’d like to try for admission to a major in a college other than Liberal Arts, you’ll have to submit additional items by March 1. 

April: Spring Reminder

After spring break, we’ll remind you to send us a final, official transcript of the work you completed to fulfill your CAP requirements. 

June: Admission Decision

Once we receive your official transcript and verify that you completed the CAP requirements, we’ll notify you of your admission in MyStatus and by mail. If you request admission to a non-Liberal Arts major, it may be several weeks before we make a decision about the major to which you’ll be admitted.

Along with your admission decision, we’ll deliver information about other steps you may need to take to complete your transition to UT Austin. Information about orientation, housing and financial aid, for example, will be available to you, just as it is to all non-CAP transfer students.