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Common Transfer Credit Issues

Workforce Credit

Vocational/Technical Credit

In addition to coursework parallel to the first two years of university study, community colleges offer certificate programs and Associate of Applied Science degrees designed to provide students with immediately marketable career skills.

Such workforce (also known as occupational, technical, or vocational) courses are not designed for transfer into university curricula and, with only a few exceptions, are nontransferable at UT Austin.

Community college workforce courses are organized statewide in the Texas Higher Education Coordinating Board's Workforce Education Course Manual (WECM). Courses with the following designations generally do not transfer to UT Austin and are not recommended for prospective transfer students:

Workforce Course Prefixes at Texas Community Colleges
Prefix Description
ABDR Automotive Body Repair
ACNT Accounting Technology
AERM Aircraft Maintenance
AERO Aerospace Technology
AGAH Agriculture-Animal Husbandry
AGCR Agriculture-Crop Production
AGEQ Agriculture-Equine Studies
AGME Agriculture-Mechanization
AGMG Agriculture-Agribusiness Management
AIRP Aircraft Pilot/Navigator
AQCL Aquaculture Operations/Management
ARCE Architectural Technology
ARCT Architectural Engineering Technology
ARTC Commercial Art/Illustration
ARTT Drawing
ARTV Visual/Performing Arts Technology
ATRN Aviation/Airway Science
AUCT Auctioneering
AUMT Automotive Mechanics Technology
AVIM Aviation Management
AVNC Avionics Systems/Maintenance
BARB Barber/Hairstylist
BIOM Biomedical Engineering Technology
BITC Biological Technology
BMGT Business Management
BNKG Banking/Financial Support Services
BSKL Basic Skills
BTND Bartender/Mixologist
BUSA Business
BUSG General Business
CBFM Construction & Building Maintenance
CDEC Child Development/Early Childhood Education
CETT Computer Engineering Technology
CHEF Culinary Arts/Chef Training (formerly CULA)
CHHS Custodial Housekeeping/Home Services
CHLT Community Health Liason
CJCR Criminal Justice-Correctional Administration
CJLE Criminal Justice-Law Enforcement
CJSA Criminal Justice Studies/Administration
CMDR Conflict Management/Dispute Resolution
CMSW Clinical/Medical Social Work
CNBT Construction/Building Technology
CNSE Construction Equipment Operation
COMG General Communcations
CPMT Computer Maintenance Technology
CPTR Computer Installation/Repair
CREX Career Exploration
CRFT Crafts/Folk Art/Artisanry
CRPT Carpenter
CRTG Cartography
CRTR Court Reporter
CSIR Communication System Installation/Repair
CSME Cosmetology
CTEC Chemical Technology
CTMT Computed Tomography Technology
CVIR Cardiovascular Interventional Radiology
CVOP Commercial Vehicle Operation
CVTT Cardiovascular Technology
DAAC Drug/Alcohol Abuse Counseling
DEMR Diesel Mechanics
DFTG Drafting
DHYG Dental Hygienist
DITA Dietitian Assistant
DLBT Dental Laboratory Technology
DMSO Diagnostic Medical Sonography
DNTA Dental Assistant
DSAE Diagnostic Medical Sonography
DSVT Diagnostic Medical Sonography
ECNG General Economics
ECRD Electrocardiograph Technology
EDTC Education Technology
EECT Electrical/Electronics/Communication Technology
EEIR Electrical & Electronics Equipment Installer/Repairer
EGRT Engineering Technology
EHKP Executive Housekeeping
ELMT Electromechanical Technology
ELPT Electricity/Power Transmission
ELTN Electrician
EMAP Emergency Management & Planning
EMSP Emergency Medical Services
ENDT Electroneurodiagnostic Technology
ENER Energy Management & Systems Technology
ENGG Geotechnical Engineering
ENTC Engineering Technology
EPCT Environmental Pollution Control Technology
ETWR English Technical/Business Writing
FCEL Fuel Cell Technology
FDNS Food/Nutrition Science
FDST Food Sciences/Technology
FIRS Fire Science
FIRT Fire Protection Technology
FITT Fitness Technology
FLMC Film/Cinematography Production
FMKT Floristry Marketing
FMLD Family Development
FPTA Fire Science/Firefighting
FRNL Applied Foreign Language
FRST Forest Technology
FSHD Fashion Design/Illustration
FSHN Fashion Merchandising
GAME Electronic Game Technology
GERS Gerontological Services
GISC Geographic Information Systems/Cartography
GRPH Graphic/Printing Technology
HALT Horticulture/Landscape Technology
HAMG Hospitality Administration/Management
HART Heating/Air Conditioning/Refrigeration
HEMR Heavy Equipment Maintenance
HITT Health Information Technology
HLAB Histotechnology
HMSY Homeland Security
HPRS Health Professions/Related Sciences
HRGY Horology
HRMO Hospitality/Recreation Marketing
HRPO Human Resources Management
HUWC Health Unit Ward Clerk
HYDR Hydraulics Technology
IBUS International Business
IEIR Industrial Electronics Installation/Repair
IFWA Institutional Food Worker
IMED Interactive Media Design
IMRT Industrial Machine Maintenance
INCR Instrumentation Calibration/Repair
INDS Interior Design Technology
INEW Information Technology
INME Industrial Manufacturing Engineering
INMT Industrial & Manufacturing Technology
INSR Insurance/Risk Management
INTC Instrumentation Technology
IRAD Industrial Radiologic Technology
ITCC Information Technology-Cisco Certification
ITDF Information Technology-Digital Forensics
ITMC Information Technology-Microsoft Certification
ITMT Information Technology-Microsoft Network Certification
ITNW Information Technology-Networking
ITSC Information Technology
ITSE Information Technology
ITSW Information Technology
ITSY Information Technology-Security
LBRA Library Assistant/Technician
LCFT Leathercraft
LEAD Leadership Development
LGLA Legal Assistant/Paralegal
LMGT Logistics/Materials Management
LNWK Electrical Lineworker
LOTT Laser/Optical Technology
LTCA Long-Term Care Administration
MAIR Major Appliance Installation/Repair
MAMT Mammography Technology
MBST Mason/Masonry
MCHN Machining Technology
MDCA Medical Assistant
MDDT Medical Dietician
METL Metallurgical Technology
MFGT Manufacturing Technology
MLAB Medical Laboratory Technology
MRIT Magnetic Resonance Imaging Technology
MRKG Marketing Management
MRMT Medical Transcription
MRTS Mortuary Science
MSSG Massage Therapy
MSST Medical Staff Services Technology
MTRC Motorcycle Repair
MUSB Music Business Management
MUSC Commercial Music
MUSP Commercial Music Performance
NANO Nanotechnology
NDTE Nondestructive Testing & Evaluation
NMTT Nuclear Medicine Technology
NUCP Nuclear Power Technology
NUPC Patient Care Assistant
NURA Nursing Assistant/Aide
OPTS Optical Technician/Assistant
OSHT Occupational Safety/Health
OTHA Occupational Therapy Assistant
PBAD Public Administration
PBHL Public Health
PFPB Pipefitter/Plumber
PHRA Pharmacy Technician/Assistant
PHTC Commercial Photography
PLAB Phlebotomist
PLTC Plastics Technology
PMHS Psychiatric/Mental Health Services Technician
POFI Information Processing/Data Entry
POFL Legal Administrative Assistant/Secretary
POFM Medical Administrative Assistant/Secretary
POFT Office Technology
PPRT Pulp/Paper Technology
PRCD Public Relations/Image Management
PRFS Perfusion Technology
PSGT Polysomnography Technology
PSTR Baker/Pastry Chef
PSYT Psychology Technology
PTAC Process Technology
PTHA Physical Therapy Assistant
PTRT Petroleum Technology
QCTC Quality Control Technology
RADR Radiologic Technology
RADT Radiation Therapy Technology
RBPT Residential Building Technology
RBTC Robotics Technology
RDCS Reading, Literacy, & Communication Skills
RECL Recreational Tennis Instruction
RECP Recreation Operations
RECT Recreation Therapy
RELE Real Estate
RNSG Registered Nurse Training
RSPT Respiratory Therapy
RSTO Restaurant Operations
RTVB Radio & TV Broadcasting
SCIT Technical Science
SCWK Social Work Technology
SEST Stationary Energy Sources
SLNG Sign Language Interpretation & Translation
SLPS Security & Loss Prevention Services
SMER Small Engine Repair
SMFT Semiconductor Manufacturing
SPCR Speech & Rhetorical Studies
SPNL Career Spanish
SRGT Surgical Technology
SRVY Surveying & Mapping Technology
TECM Technical Mathematics
TRVM Travel & Tourism Management
UPHL Upholstery
VHPA Vehicle Parts Marketing
VNSG Vocational Nursing
VTHT Veterinary Technology
WDWK Woodworking
WIND Wind Energy Technology
WLDG Welding Technology
WMGT Wildlife Management

Selected RNSG courses transfer because they are cross-listed in the Lower-Division Academic Course Guide Manual (ACGM, the academic counterpart to WECM) as credit intended for university transfer.

Selected CDEC, DFTG, INEW, ITSC, ITSE, ITSW, MUSC, MUSP, or SLNG courses transfer because their content is generally similar to subjects offered in some UT Austin academic departments. In these isolated cases, credit transfers as generic lower-division semester hours in an appropriate department and is not assigned a specific UT course number. Degree applicability of such transfer credit is entirely at the discretion of the student's academic dean's office.

Transferability or nontransferability of workforce courses at a Texas community college can be confirmed by searching UT's ATE System, in which they usually are listed by a single entry (e.g. “WLDG 000000”) indicating all courses with a given prefix are nontransferable.