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Common Transfer Credit Issues

Core Curriculum

Students working on an undergraduate degree at UT Austin must complete the core curriculum. Visit the Core Curriculum page in UT’s General Information catalog for information about UT Austin’s core courses.

Core Curriculum Credit from Texas Public Institutions

The courses required to complete the core vary from one Texas college/university to another. UT Austin accepts as core coursework any designated core courses from Texas public universities or colleges that a student submits for transfer with a grade of C- or better. (See Texas Education Code §61.822 and Texas Administrative Code §4.28.)

Core Completion at another Texas Public College/University 

If you complete the core at another Texas public college/university before you enroll at UT as an undergraduate, you will be considered core complete at UT and will not need to take coursework to complete UT Austin’s core. To receive credit for completing the core at another Texas public institution, you must submit an official transcript from another public college/university in Texas that indicates you completed the core at that institution.

Partial Core Transfer

If you do not complete the core at a Texas public college/university before you enroll at UT Austin, you will be required to take UT courses to complete UT’s core curriculum. The Office of Admissions evaluates coursework submitted from other institutions to determine transferability.

State regulations determine how colleges/universities are permitted to substitute transfer coursework for core requirements. Incoming students who have not completed the core before enrolling at UT should consult with an advisor in the School of Undergraduate Studies about questions they may have about the core curriculum.

Admissions with Bachelor’s degree or higher considered Core Waived

You are considered Core Waived if you are admitted to UT Austin with a bachelor’s degree or a higher degree from an accredited Texas private college/university or any other accredited non-Texas college/university. To have the core requirement waived, you must submit an official transcript from another university that indicates you have completed a bachelor’s or higher degree.