Common Transfer Credit Issues

Introductory Biology

Major-Track Sequence

UT Austin's introductory major sequence in Biology comprises two 3-credit lecture courses and the student's choice of one 2-credit laboratory course:

UT Course UT Austin Course Title Sem Hours
lecture courses:
BIO 311C Introductory Biology I
Introduction to biological energy transformation, cell structure and physiology, and gene expression.
BIO 311D Introductory Biology II
Introduction to mechanisms of inheritance, evolution, physiology, and species interactions.
laboratory courses (choice of one):
BIO 206L Structure & Function of Organisms (311C or 311D corequisite) 2
BIO 208L Field Biology (311D corequisite) 2

BIO 311C & 311D are required for the Bachelor of Arts and Bachelor of Science degrees in Biology. One lab course chosen from 206L or 208L is required for the BA degree and for the BS degree options in Human Biology, Marine/Freshwater Biology, Microbiology, Neurobiology, Plant Biology, and Teaching (206L or 208L is not required in other BS degree options).

All or part of the major-track Biology sequence also is required for:

  • Biochemistry
  • Biomedical Engineering
  • Chemical Engineering
  • Environmental Science
  • Exercise Science
  • Geological Sciences (BA degree or BS degree options in Hydrogeology or Teaching)
  • Health Professions preparation
  • Human Ecology
  • Human Development & Family Sciences
  • Interdisciplinary Science
  • Medical Laboratory Science
  • Neuroscience
  • Nursing
  • Nutrition
  • Pharmacy
  • Psychology (BS degree)
  • Public Health
  • Textiles & Apparel (Apparel Design specialization or Retail Merchandising option)

Transfer Credit from Texas Public Community Colleges

The Texas Common Course Numbering (TCCN) system used by Texas public community colleges identifies twelve introductory Biology courses, six for Biology/science majors and six for non-science majors.

*generic transfer credit, no comparable UT Austin course
TCCN Designation UT Austin Transfer Credit Evaluation Sem Hours
courses for Biology and science majors:
BIOL 1406 BIO 311C (lecture) + BIO 206LA (lab, half-credit for 206L) 4
BIOL 1407 BIO 311D (lecture) + BIO 206LB (lab, half-credit for 206L) 4
BIOL 1306 BIO 311C (lecture) 3
BIOL 1307 BIO 311D (lecture) 3
BIOL 1106 BIO 206LA (lab, half-credit for 206L) 1
BIOL 1107 BIO 206LB (lab, half-credit for 206L) 1
courses for non-science majors:
BIOL 1408 BIO 301L (lecture) + BIO 1 Lab* 4
BIOL 1409 BIO 301M (lecture) + BIO 1 Lab* 4
BIOL 1308 BIO 301L (lecture) 3
BIOL 1309 BIO 301M (lecture) 3
BIOL 1108 BIO 1 Lab* 1
BIOL 1109 BIO 1 Lab* 1

Biology coursework applied toward non-Biology degrees in the College of Natural Sciences must be major-track; courses designed for non-science majors cannot be counted.

Students who pursue UT Austin degrees requiring BIO 206L and who take BIOL 1406 or 1106 are encouraged to complete 1407 or 1107 before transfer, otherwise their 206LA transfer credit will be redundant when they later take the full two semester hour version of 206L at UT.

Generic Transfer Credit Evaluations

Lower-division Biology coursework transfers generically when there is no comparable UT Austin course, with the following designations:

  • FLAB = Freshman level credit with integral LAB component
  • SLAB = Sophomore level credit with integral LAB component
  • FRMN = freshman level lecture credit
  • SOPH = sophomore level lecture credit
  • LAB = lower-division laboratory credit

Introductory Botany/Zoology sequences – such as those identified by the TCCN designations BIOL 1411, 1413, 1311, 1313, 1111, & 1113 – always transfer generically. Often associated with agriculture programs, such courses do not fit UT's Biology curriculum and are not recommended for students majoring in Biology and degrees requiring major-track Biology.

Generic Biology transfer credit applies toward UT's core curriculum Science & Technology Part I & II requirements if the course originates at a Texas public community college or university and is transcripted with the core component codes 030 or 031.

Generic Biology transfer credit may substitute for specific UT courses on a case-by-case basis; students should consult their UT degree advisor for substitution procedures.

Previous Major-Track Sequence

Through summer 2005 UT Austin's introductory major sequence in Biology comprised four 2-credit lecture courses and the student's choice of one 2-credit laboratory course:

UT Course UT Austin Course Title Sem Hours
lecture courses:
BIO 211 Cell Biology 2
BIO 212 Genetics & Evolution (211 prerequisite) 2
BIO 213 Diversity & Ecology (212 prerequisite) 2
BIO 214 Structure & Function of Organisms (212 prerequisite) 2
laboratory courses (choice of one):
BIO 205L Cellular & Molecular Biology (211 corequisite) 2
BIO 206L Structure & Function of Organisms (214 corequisite) 2
BIO 208L Field Biology (213 corequisite) 2

In most cases transfer credit was assigned modified UT course numbers – typically 311, 314, 105L, & 106L – to accommodate credit values from sending institutions. Transfer credit for 105L+106L satisfied the lab requirement and students completed the sequence by taking 212 & 213 at UT after transfer.