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Eligibility for Readmission

Generally, a student who previously enrolled as an undergraduate at The University of Texas at Austin who wishes to return after an interruption of at least one fall or spring semester should apply for readmission.

Exceptions include:

Former CAP, PACE, UTeach or Transient Students

Readmission is not an option for former Coordinated Admission Program (CAP), Path to Admission Through Co-Enrollment (PACE) and UTeach students who did not successfully complete the programs or did not immediately enroll after program completion, or for students previously admitted on a transient basis. Instead, apply for transfer admission.

Students Who Withdrew Due to Military Service

In accordance with Texas law, a student who withdraws from the university in order to perform active military service will be readmitted for any semester or summer session that begins within a year after the student’s release from active service. You are not required to apply for readmission or pay an application fee, but must be eligible to register for classes the semester or summer session for which readmission is requested.

This policy applies to students who withdraw for service with the U.S. armed forces or the Texas National Guard; however, it does not apply to students who withdraw solely to perform one or more training exercises as members of the Texas National Guard.

If you are planning to return to the university, complete and submit the Notification of Intent to Re-Enroll. Completing the form is simply a way for you to help the university prepare for your return to your studies. No application for admission or application fee is required. However, late submission of the form could affect the timing of your registration. To prevent delays, submit this form at least two weeks before you plan to register for classes.