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Selecting a Major

Choosing a major is an exciting process. Think about your interests and strengths, not just what you hope to do as a career. Remember that your major won't necessarily determine your career later on, so spend some time researching what we offer before you decide.

Want to find the majors that fit you best? Take this MyMajors short quiz to get a personalized list of UT Austin majors that match your interests.

Major Selection

First-Choice Major

We encourage you to select a first-choice major that is aligned with your interests and strengths, not just what you hope to do as a career.

Second-Choice Major

You may be considered for your second-choice major if you qualify for automatic admission and are not admitted to your first-choice major.

Major Questions

If you have questions about the major that's best for you, use our Counselor Finder to contact the UT Austin Admissions counselor working with your high school.

Additional Major Information

Double Majors and Minors

Want a double major? That’s something you’ll see about once you’re a student at UT Austin. When you apply for admission, select the major you want most and plan to speak with your academic advisor about a double major after you begin classes.

The same is true for students who are interested in minors. You’ll make decisions about a minor with help from your academic advisor after you begin classes.