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Earn scholarship money while still in high school


The University of Texas at Austin wants all high school students to know that college is affordable for everyone.

We’ve collaborated with college access platform RaiseMe to reward students for studying hard, volunteering and getting involved in their community. And those activities will be rewarded with scholarships to help you join us on the Forty Acres.

What is it?

Through our collaboration with RaiseMe, students from selected low-income high schools across the state of Texas will be eligible to earn incremental, achievement-based “micro-scholarships” to reward their progress toward building a successful foundation for an undergraduate experience at UT Austin.

You can earn micro-scholarships for a number of activities, such as maintaining strong grades, volunteering in your community, having a leadership role in an extracurricular activity, going on a college visit and more.

Students can accumulate achievements while in grades 9-12. The deadline to submit achievements is January 1 of your senior year. Amounts vary from $10 to more than $100 for individual achievements. With all your achievements, you can receive a total scholarship of up to $2,000 for four years, or $500 per year.

Want to know more?

To see if your high school is participating and to start earning micro-scholarships, visit