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Accepting Your Awards

In order to receive funding (including scholarships and other financial aid) administered by the university, students must accept it in their Financial Aid Notification (FAN). Activate FAN to view your financial aid award, which can include scholarships, grants and other types of aid.

To accept your awards, do the following:

Access the FAN

Your Financial Aid Notification (FAN) is just what it sounds like. You’ll receive word in CASH when it’s ready. 

Report other funding

The FAN allows you to report other funding and resources you expect to receive—including exemptions, waivers and private scholarships—as well as changes in enrollment. Once you report, you’ll typically receive an updated FAN, as additional resources affect your total eligibility for financial aid.

More Information

Complete additional requirements

Even after you’ve accessed your FAN and accepted or declined awards offered there, you should continue to monitor CASH. Certain additional requirements (such as signing up for direct deposit) may delay the release of your financial aid if left incomplete. 

Release of Aid

Aid funds are typically released no earlier than 10 days prior to the first class day of each semester.

Upon release, funds are first applied to university debts such as tuition and housing. After debts are paid, any excess aid takes 2-3 business days to appear in the designated bank account via direct deposit. Paper checks are typically received by the student 7-8 days after university debts are paid.

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