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Selecting a Major

When you apply, you’ll be instructed to select both a first- and second-choice major. We will consider you for admission based on these selections, with foremost consideration given to the major you identify as your first choice. Some majors require that you select them as your first choice in order to be considered, and many majors offer admission only to the fall semester. The college or school a major is in may also have prerequisites or suggested preparatory coursework

Need help deciding? Check out Wayfinder, a tool that lets you explore your interests and the universitys majors all in one spot.

Double Majors and Minors

It isn’t possible to apply to have two majors at The University of Texas at Austin, but once they’re enrolled, many students are able to add a second major to their degree plans—to double major.

Selecting an appropriate minor is also an option that can help some students reach their goals. Decisions about minors are made after a student enrolls and with the assistance of the academic advisor in the college or school in which the student is enrolled.