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Two UT students hang out in the common area of the Flawn Academic Center.

After Your Degree

In addition to being a “best college value” and producing some of the world’s most employable graduates, The University of Texas at Austin provides extensive on-campus opportunities—and real-world connections—that add value to your degree.

Research Opportunities

We’re committed to providing undergraduates with opportunities for hands-on research, and offerings like our Freshman Research Initiative and Bridging Disciplines Program prove it.

We prioritize undergraduate research and other hands-on learning because it’s so valuable in helping students explore their options—and in opening doors, both to graduate programs and professional opportunities.

Texas Exes

The benefits of your degree don’t end once you leave campus. Graduates of the university know that relationships matter, and that a handshake is worth something. At 100,000 strong, the Texas Exes form a network of alumni, from Neil deGrasse Tyson to Matthew McConaughey, whose helping hands span the globe.

So whether you’re in Taipei or Monterrey, you’re never too far from home.